Maximising online donations

I recently took part in an interesting roundtable discussion on maximising online and text donations, hosted by The Guardian. Reps around the table included some of the very big charities, some medium sized ones, and some online giving developers/suppliers.

The discussion reflected the primary role of online and social media in engaging with and developing supporters, as well as the practical importance of accessible and reliable online and text giving platforms.

We also chatted about the challenges for charities and Fundraisers in responding quickly and effectively to sudden surges of interest driven by Facebook, and in particular by Twitter. Social media has fundamentally changed how we as Fundraisers engage with supporters and potential supporters, particularly those under 30. The Roundtable felt larger charities, whilst having bigger resources, might find the instant reactions and quick decisions demanded to maximise opportunities from social media more difficult than smaller charities.

I’ll be blogging more on the fundraising challenges and opportunities presented by social media in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime the feedback from The Guardian Roundtable is available to read here

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